Should I record in a professional or home studio?

For songs, you can almost always get what you need from a home studio. Frankly, the same is true for artist and band demos, but you will need more expertise behind the console if you are doing a fairly developed demo.

Should I use a producer?

If it's possible to find somebody with a great reputation who really knows how to produce, the answer is yes. A highly skilled, objective ear almost always makes for a much better product. (Joey Welz ) for example.

The Demo

Okay, so you find yourself spending hours trying to get your demo to sound like a record, but it just sounds like a demo and you want to know why. Well, most of you guys (and gals) probably have some pretty sophisticated stuff, but don't know how to get the most out of it. Here at CARCIR  we are committed to giving you the best recording available, through our years of experience (if you should choose to use our services). We'll get that DEMO to sound like it should.

Too see what we offer in Recording, go to our Production page.

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